Funtime Frankies

November 6, 2012

Web & Mobile Design & SEO

The Funtime Frankies have earned a firm reputation as one of the best party bands in the UK since they began performing together in May 2005.

Desktop Solution

[image width=”320″ height=”170″ align=”left” frame=”blog” url=””]uploads/2012/11/funtimefrankiesdesktop.jpg[/image]A fullscreen, one page, ajax and jquery WordPress powered website resulting in The Funtime Frankie’s have a website like no other.

Mobile Solution

[image width=”176″ height=”366″ align=”right” frame=”blog” url=””]uploads/2012/11/funtimefrankiesmobile.png[/image]When this website is visited using a mobile device, everything is automatically transformed into an web-app interface for users to navigate through the website with ease. Why not try it yourself!

The ecosystem of WordPress has allowed for The Funtime Frankie’s to update all elements of their site without any hassle whatsoever. Consisting of a specialised Testimonial tool in addition to having been configured to pull images from Facebook, Videos from YouTube and Music from SoundCloud, The Funtime Frankies are rocking their website with good looks and up-to-date content.


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