Research shows that over 80% of online traffic is generated via search engines. This means that people are not aware of a specific company or website to go to, thus are using the likes of Google and other search engines to find what they’re looking for; I’m sure you’ll agree with us that more often than not the first couple of search results are going to meet your search criteria.

SEO for Leeds Wedding Bands

[image width=”300″ height=”240″ align=”left” frame=”zoom”][/image]During your initial consultation with us, we will ask a number of questions and listen to your objectives to make sure we’re ready to create the best solution for you and your business. One of these questions will be to identify your target keywords and phrases as it is crucial to incorporate SEO throughout the entire web building process.

We then carefully develop your website optimizing our coding and your content towards these keywords and phrases. So not only will your site look great and offer a fantastic user experience, but it will also result in more online traffic for your website and business to benefit.

SEO for UK Party Band

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Although it is very important for SEO to be incorporated into the web building process, it is always possible for YOF to optimize your existing website without interruption.

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