What do Your Online Friend provide in a website?

We believe in creating clean, elegant and easy to manage websites using the latest cutting edge technologies in order to bring the very best online experience to your visitors.

It is paramount for our work to not only look beautiful, but to offer a friendly user experience; this includes fully testing the functionality of our websites across all browsers, operating systems as well as mobile and tablet devices.

On top of this, we don’t simply work on a project to project basis. Here at Your Online Friend we believe in developing ongoing relationships to improve upon the services that we offer and to ensure you’re getting the utmost support and regular maintenance and SEO optimization. We are Your Online Friend.

html5 coding to develop our websites css3 coding to keep things looking fresh jquery animation and transitions in our website design wordpress with user admin interfaces used to power more robust websites

Why we develop using WordPress


  • What’s WordPress? – WordPress originated as a blogging platform and over the past couple of years has seen many developments that have turned it into one of the most powerful web-design and content management systems around.
  • Standards Compliant – WordPress follows all the Web Standards. This ensures that your website is compliant to all the rules that have to be followed when running a website.
  • SEO Friendly – Search Engines are definitely kept in mind when building a website and WordPress uses different functions which allow it to be search engine friendly and extremely crawlable.
  • User Friendly Admin – The administration section is easy to navigate which makes it extremely time efficient when changes are to be made to your website.
  • Extensions – There is a thriving ecosystem of developers creating plug-ins that are open source (license free). This means that if you’re wanting to add polls, contact forms, ratings or hundreds of other cool features to your site, we won’t have to develop these from nothing. We can simply tweak existing plug-ins to fit your site which results in a faster and cheaper solution for you.
  • By specializing in WordPress we have become highly skilled at integrating social media into the core of the site. Whether it be for guests to like, share or comment on your content, or sign up for additional services such as email notifications or newsletters, we can configure these options for you to start gathering leads and developing relationships.


What is SEO and why do YOF offer this service?

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